Custom Office Signs Toronto

Construction signs producton

Metal 3D Signs

More thick look can be done from 2.5" to 4" thick. Installed aggast wall or havint up to 1.5" space to have even more 3D shadow effect. 

Architectural Signs

In house cutting, folding and welding capabilities means we can offer a full range of all sign types including the mounting brackets and support frames as required. 

Office Signs

Custom office and companies signs. Washroom Signs , Staff Only signs, Safety signs, etc. Made of acrylic, metal, PVC or coroplast material. 

Construction Signs

We provide a wide range of signs manufacturing for any construction site. From coroplast signs to metal safety signs, short term or long term durability.

More to Know:

There are a variety of material substrates used in the sign industry. But today for cost effectiveness and beautifully finished looks, we offer a few common choices – plexi glass (acrylic), PVC, and aluminum composite.


Custom orders allow for any size you require. Most common acrylic thicknesses we use are ¼” up to ¾”. PVC allows for greater thicknesses up to 1 ½”.Signs are fastened flush to the wall, or raised from the wall commonly 3/8” to 1” in height. The standard method for individual cut shapes and letters is pad/pin mounts fastened to the back of the material. With one piece signs, the post & fastener ‘standoff’ is an attractive & popular option. Custom design allows you to decide.