We have collection of high end decorative window film designs combining gradient with a variety of colors and patterns. Creating unique window films perfect for modern office walls. Get privacy with style. We design and custom print/cut and install any design of decorative window film in Toronto or Canada. From safety stripes and dots to full frosted covering.

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We Create beautiful and unique

window distraction graphics

Made to last with durable ink on optically clear film or 3M Fasara, distraction graphics adhere easily to any kind of glass and are great for offices and business. A fast way to ensure physical safety, they also elevate your visual space, beautifully merging up-to-code performance and high design. Easily install an aesthetic signature, fully customizable to your brand colours and designs.  Or find your fit among a range of standard patterns and colors.


Silver Frosted that can be printed and cut in any shape. Will ad privacy when standing 8" from the window. 


Endless possibilities to cut the frosted vinyl, either in a custom design or just shapes and lines.


Coloured cutout decals to any size and design. It will distract but don't give full privacy.


Full digital print on optically clear vinyl. Used when the design has multiple colour and gradients.


Made to block the sun light while keeping some privacy. Window tint is available in 40% - 60% - 80% dark and will block UV.

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