Architectural Finishes let you transform your space with less downtime, labour and no mess. These durable, wall films are easy to install and conform to a variety of flat or curved surfaces including walls, panels, funitures and ceilings. With more than 100 patterns to choose from, it's not a question of how you can revitalize your image, but when.


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Create, renovate or transform your walls and furniture with Dinoc Surafces. Our architectural vinyl, you can cover a number of surfaces uncluding wood, aluminium and PVC. Hotel bedrooms, kitchen, lounges… With our covering solutions you can do any chosen renovation in every room of your establishment or shop.
With over 650 different adhesive covering references, our solutions come in various styles for interiors that match your taste.

DiNOC wall Surface


With our adhesive  wall graphic film solution you will get a number of benefits, including:
· A quick and easy upgrade, with bubble-free rendering and resistance to heat and humidity
· Low cost! Between 50 and 70% less expensive than traditional renovation
· Unique quality, in material and result
· A 10-year guarantee against cracking, yellowing or delamination
· No disruption of daily activity

Why should you restyle your surface?


We have about 650 finishings to choose from includind wood, mable and metal.

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we supply and install

With a partnership with suppliers, we can have any finishing within 2 weeks installed. We have in-house 3M certified installation team which can install Dinoc graphics to any surface.

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