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If you are looking to decorate your office or accent your retail store in Toronto, North York, Mississauga or in the GTA, Creative Silhouettes has the right digital printed self Adehiseve vinyl wall graphics solution for you. We can full print wall graphics or cut out your ideas and translate into a beautiful office stick on wall graphics decoration or a promotion graphics.

With the full digital vinyl graphic print, we can print, create or choose from any design you like and have it on your wall as a self-adhesive wallpaper or as many call it wall graphics. Accent your space with our wall vinyl graphics products and services in Toronto. 

Cutout Wall Decals

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Also known as vinyl cut stickers, vinyl lettering, cutout decals or die cut decals, our wall decals are made from a vector file which cuts the background out and comes with a transferring tape to hold all the pieces together for a easy installation to the wall. We are highly skilled with cutout decals and can produce large graphics with a great turnaround. 

Wall decals are recommended for a vector design and when you want the paint of the wall to be the background of the design. It's usually  more expensive than a full print, because it evolves more work on weeding and transferring tape but at the same time it looks sharp and detailed on the wall.

Cutout decals can be cut from a solid colour vinyl or can be printed/cut on any colour. 

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Creative Wall Graphic

Custom Wall Graphics Print

Wall graphics, Wall murals, Wallcovering or Custom wallpaper, are digitally printed graphics on self-adhesive vinyl material that are easy to sticky on to install on any flat wall and don't require the use of paste or glue. 

Because custom wall graphics are digitally printed, we can print any image on a 2-4 days turnaround and can be done any size to fit any wall. 

Wall graphics are perfect to accent and change the look of any home or office space, it's cost effective, fast turnaround and looks great.  

We can print custom wall graphics on any finishing / Matte / Glossy / Textured / More.

Permanent or removable.

You can send us your file or if you are not sure what image you want as a wall graphics you can choose from any Shutter stock website or Adobe Stock. 

Wall graphics or as some people might know as a stick-on wall sticker, wall murals or custom wallpaper is a digital printed self-adhesive vinyl that is used to decorate and brand walls and spaces. Because the image is digitally printed, wall graphics are fast and easy to make compared to traditional wallpapers, that's why we call it removable wallpaper. Wall graphics and wall murals cover the entire desired wall spaces while the cutouts decals or wall decals only cover a sections of the wall and the parts that don't have any design would be the colour of the wall itself.

Our usual turnaround timing to get a large 10' x 20' wall graphic printed is 2-3 business days and we have a team of installer in-house that come to your space to install. 

If you have any questions regarding our wall graphics and wall decals contact us today and we will sure be able to help.

We can print and install wall graphics even on outdoor brick surface. That's right! We use 3M vinyl which is made special to the brick and rough surface that is installed with heat to melt the vinyl to the surface. 

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Wall Graphics for Brick Surface

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Endless possibility of designs and shapes. Full prints or cutouts. 

Fast Turnaround

How do we print wall graphics  so fast? In-House production and great team.

WE install

The wall graphics are printed on self adhesive vinyls which makes it easy and clear to install.

Various finishings

We can print and laminate on glossy, matte, satin and textured vinyl.